Stefan Halvorsen 
Co-founder & Analyst

Stefan Halvorsen is a doctoral student in biological and biomedical sciences at Harvard Medical School and holds a Masters in Medical Science from Boston University. He previously finished his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Physics at Northeastern University. He has worked throughout his graduate studies in a Harvard and MGH research laboratory developing novel computational tools and generating/analyzing biological data. These computational tools were designed to interpret large biological datasets describing how the products of genes change and interact to modify cell fate.

Stefan is passionate about applying biotechnology to advancing health. A recent surge in computational power and scientific understanding has enabled the analysis of large data-sets to extract relevant information - a natural application of this is the microbiome. Stefan hopes to exploit the recent advances in technology and machine learning to develop tools for not only descriptive analysis, but also predictive analyses that can autonomously identify signatures of disease in the microbiome. Aside from his academics, Stefan loves to tinker with electronics and be outdoors.